Thursday, June 29, 2006

EVENT: Still Life - Black and White Photographs

Well well well... I actually got some photographs up for this month's Still Life With Event - Black and White Photographs. I really do hope you will go and visit Still Life With... and her other blogs because they are excellent. I really do not take black and white photographs so this was not my best work but it was fun to be challenged. I could not even devote a fraction of the time that I wanted to but it was nice to pull out the camera and think about it at least a bit. The Celery Seeds I photographed in Sepia. The Milk is a color photograph. The Lemon was shot in color but edited into black and white.

Celery Seeds
Celery Seeds

Milk White
Milk White

Lemon BW

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Karen said...

Wait, wait!!! Did you write this or did I? Hehehe!

Except for having children, this reads like something I must've written. Tsk... tsk...

I've wanted to re-read a book for some weeks now but too many things just have to be done first. I've been wanting to experiment on some chick pea dip but always forget to soak them overnight. Oh well...

Gabriella True said...

I don't know? Maybe I was channeling you. Hee Hee.

Get some canned chickpeas. I know they are not quite as good but they are always soaked. but you can't really cook them either without them getting too mushy. But if you really do up the vinaigrette it is okay. I just did a bean salad like that. Can't remember if I put it up on the site but the picutre is up on flikr.