Monday, June 26, 2006

EVENT: Mixology Monday IV- Aperitif

pear aperatif detail

I made up a batch of my Poire Framboise Aperitif for this months Mixology Cocktail Hour.

Jimmy's Cocktail Hour is hosting this months Mixology Monday and the theme is Aperitif.

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Nerissa said...

Helllllooooh, apertif. Welcome to my gullet! That sounds SO good, G!

Gabriella True said...

It is sweet but I like it with cheese and crackers

Paula said...

I stumbled across your site several weeks ago and have really enjoyed it. I made your Lavender Lemon Chicken last night for dinner and mmm...mmm...mmm!! What a delight. I will be trying your other lavender recipes very soon.

Gabriella True said...

Hi Paula,

Wow! that is so great. I am so glad you let me know that youliked it and even more importantly I am so glad you liked it. I just looked at your profile quickly and we like the same movies. I will bookmark your blog and take a look too!

Sarah said...

Quick! Take the V out of "poivre" or it's a pepper-flavored drink! (Which might not be bad, actually--I recently had a black pepper creme brulee that surprised and delighted my palate.)

Gabriella True said...

oh my god. I would never have noticed I made that blip! Maybe it was subliminal. I think not.


simplicity is fine said...

hi gabriella! very cool blog. i your recipes sound fabulous! i've started a blog too recently. check me out at
from a twin mother friend,
natalia issari

Gabriella True said...

Natalia! How exciting. Thank you so much for coming over. I can't wait to read all your blog.