Thursday, June 29, 2006

EVENT: I'll Show You Mine If... Spice Racks

Spice Rack

Sweetnicks is helping us all peep into eachother's kitchen once again. This time we are showing off our spice cabinets.

I have a small kitchen so I have stuff everywhere. I got these shelves that have magnets on the back and they hang right on the side of the fridge. I like green glass so I bought green glass spice jars and actually moved all the spices into them. I don't like the labels though because they are too big and you can't see the glass well enough. So one day I will get new labels. I just got a new chipotle chili spice but no more room in this rack so I put it in a cupboard.

What are three things I always have? Well the list is much longer than these three but I could not live without these.

What I almost never have on hand?
Summer Savory
"Weird" cheap spice mixes from the grocery store. I am not even slightly opposed to spice mixes because some are excellent but some just weird me out. Does that make me weird?

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Angel said...

I'll post photos of my kitchen when we finally get around to renovating it. It hasn't been changed in about 50 years and is sporting hand made (plywood) kitchen cabinets. It's a disaster. I definitely want a spice drawer in the new kitchen.

moonablazeATgmailDOTcom said...

I'm about to move into a small apartment with a TINY kitchen, any chance you could share the source for those spice racks? previously I've always had a half of a cupboard to spare, but there is no way in this place.

Gabriella True said...

Angel. Disaster? still want to see it.

Moonblaze - No Problem.

69889 Magnetic Bamboo Shelf
Price $19.95

I also have a paper towel rack that is magnetized and that goes on the side of my microwave. This company has one but you can get them anywhere.