Thursday, June 15, 2006

EVENT: The Spice is Right - Flowers

I have been writing and making up recipes for a while now thanks to my Sister In Law, owner of Splendid Palate, who has been selling culinary grade organic lavender for years.

So when The Spice is Right announced that this month we would be working with flowers I immediately said that was right up my alley. I did think about trying out some new flowers but thought I would share what I know about Lavender with the group. So enjoy Culinary Discover: For the Love of Lavendar

Lavender Recipes:
Lavender Coconut Flan
Steak with Lavender Thyme Butter
Cod with Lavender and Miso
Foccacia with Lavender and Garlic
Chicken with Lavender and Lemon


But, I have used nasturtiums in salad. They are really peppery and are not only a beautiful addition to your salad greens but a delicious one at that. I was going to make some up for this event but there are none growing downstairs in the community garden and the ones at the store looked dismal. So enjoy some that I photographed a few years back.

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