Friday, June 02, 2006

EVENT: WHB #34 - Rosemary Garlic Shrimp

Rosemary Sprig

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This week I made Rosemary Garlic Shrimp. I have a big rosemary bush growing downstairs in our little apartment complex flower garden. I found a spot and shoved in some plants this winter and they are really going like crazy. Miracle since I killed the rest of the other plants I tried to grow.

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Kalyn said...

I love the sound of this and bookmarked the recipe! Your photo of the rosemary is wonderful.

You're right, I do have a great fridge. It's easier to keep it stocked with no kids around.

Gabriella True said...

Oh I hope you like it! Thanks for the compliment on the photo too.

I guess I will have to wait a long time until I have a stocked fridge.

Anonymous said...

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