Monday, June 05, 2006


Our first round up and look at these BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!!

Angel of Fruit Salad who luckily for us started Weekend Baby Blogging has the cutest pumpkin of a baby, Hayley. Look at this sleeping baby! I think she is tired from chopping wood. SO CUTE

Sarah of Cucina Bella posted such a cute foodie in the making. Nothing like a determined little boy trying to feed himself.

My Muzings has posted the cutest series of photos of L'il One brandishing the family salad spoon. Here is just one photo so go and check out the entire series. Oh and this comes all the way from Singapore and like me she is a new blogger splitting her time between posting about mommyhood and food.

Here are Nathan and Rachel. These are the twins of an old friend of mine who I fondly call Tabby. She is not a food blogger but she is a food blog reader. And what are we without our fans?

Well here my precious twin boys who love to have their picture taken.
First we have Xander who will not sit still

Then of course sweet sweet Timmy!

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