Friday, June 16, 2006

SHOPPING: Chocolate

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Look at all that chocolate! All but one is dark chocolate. Why do I have all this chocolate? Well actually I don't. I only had it in my greedy, piggy little hands for a few short hours before I packed it all up and sent it to dear old Dad for his Father's Day gift. He loves to tell me that dark chocolate is now good for you. So you see, this is all for his health. I am such a fine daughter. Dad opened his package as soon as he got it. He does not wait for the day. He called right away and say he was testing them out and will keep me informed. He has seen them in the stores but not venutred too far into all the selections opting usually for one of Lindt's delicious varietals.


Bettina said...

I also sent my dad some dark chocolate, among other things, for Father's Day! He too now eats this because it's good for his health. Seeing as you're from NYC, you may know a German food store on 2nd b/w 85th & 86th called Schaller & Weber. There I found a brand of German chocolate wrapped in black paper with "Pour les messieurs" ("For men") written on the bottom. Purely a gimmick (I guess), but also the type of thing he finds funny.

Gabriella True said...

Of course I know that place. I went to high school near there. That is very funny that your dad says the same thing as mine does. And I thought it was girls that were supposed to be obsessed with chocolate.