Sunday, June 04, 2006


So this is my first Weekend Baby Blogging! Angel started it officially and had done two weekends already. Don't forget to email me the permalink for your entry of your baby (of any age) so I can do the round up on Monday.

Don't forget to check out the Weekend Baby Blogging Announcment!

These are my babies! Xander and Timmy are 22.5 months old. I bought these silly t-shirts myself. I am such a dork.

Xan Loves Mom
Xan Loves Mom

Mo Loves Mom
Timmy Loves Mom

Oh. Babies or course come in ALL AGES!! So your children of all ages are included.

Weekend Baby Blogging Archives

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Tabatha Haley said...

Oh My God, look at Xander and Timmy...They have gotten so Handsome and Big. I miss seeing their cute little smiling faces.

I wish I had a blog, will I do but haven't done anything with it. How do I join in this baby blog, you are mentioning?

They are GORGEOUS..... GABBY!

XOX, Tab

Ramya said...

So cute.Twins! wow! great.You are really a brave soul.

Gabriella True said...

Tabby - Just email me a pic.

Ramya- brave. I think exhausted is more like it.

Kalyn said...

Very cute. I put a little plug for Weekend Baby Blogging in the WHB recap.

Gabriella True said...

Thanks Kalyn! that is so sweet of you to do that!

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