Friday, June 30, 2006

EVENT: Jihva for Lentils

Lentil Salad 2

Jihva For Ingredients (JFI) is the new food blog event started by Indira of Mahanandi, which featured Mango as the ingredient for the month of May and Strawberries for June. This month Sailu's Indian Food and Andhra Recipes is hosting JFI for the month of July and the ingredient is Lentils

I made Lentil Salad to go with a lamb dish. It was so refreshing.

Jihva for ingredients

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Kalyn said...

Gabriella, I sent you an e-mail a couple of days ago about hosting WHB next weekend (July 9). I'm wondering if you didn't get it, since I haven't heard back from you. Can you e-mail me today because I want to announce who next week's host is when I do the Recap tomorrow. Thanks,

Gabriella True said...

So sorry! I just emailed you. I have been up until 3:30 for a few nights working on the newsletter for my club and left too many emails unanswered this week.