Sunday, June 04, 2006

EVENT: EoMEoTE #16 - The Da Clucki Code

Egg Salad and Da Vinci

Why read when you can listen! So this week the Cook Sister's EoMEoTE #16 - is not just about eggs and a carb but it is about all things Da Vinci Code. err. I mean The Da Clucki Code. So I made my favorite egg salad served up with Carr's Crackers. I am not a big sandwich girl and prefer crackers. And I plugged myself into some headphones and sat back and listend to The Da Clucki Code on my Ipod.

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Jeanne said...

Ha ha - very clever! So now we're a techno-ovo-literary food blogging event. Soon we will be acquiring superpowers!! :o)

Thanks so much for playing along - the roundup should see the light of day later this week.

G said...

Jeanne - It was fun. And I had egg salad on the list to make for lunch anyway so it was super convenient.

Jeanne said...

Hi Gabriella

Don't die of shock now... but the EoMEoTE#16 roundup has finally been posted! Go check it out...

Hope to see you again next time!

G said...

The Grail! it has been found on Cooksister!


Anonymous said...

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