Friday, June 16, 2006


Well these pictures are actually from last weekend. We took the boys to the San Fernando Valley Fair. When we go there it was quite cloudy and cool. We were expecting it to be a scorcher because it is usually so hot there. So there were not very many people there. It actually was bizarre. More like a ghost town than a fair. But then we realized it was actually fantastic because Xander could get out of the stroller and run and run and run. And we could see him the entire time and give him some space but not too much space. Most fairs are so crowded that they are sort of a nightmare with young kids because you are so afraid of losing them. These are some pictures of the boys enjoying the fair. I will post photos of some of the food and some of the animals later. And I am such a dork. I put them in their matching tractor shortalls. Enjoy!

Xan Gives Raggs a Drink
Xander Gives A Member of Raggs a Drink

Timmy Feeding Goat
Timmy Gives the Goat a Carrot

Xander and the Funnel Cake
Xander Tries his First Funnel Cake

Piggy Babies
Timmy and a Piggy

And Then It Is Time To Go Home

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Angel said...

Looks like lots of fun. Love the piggy pic.

tabby said...

Great pics of the boys and the fair. Glad Xander could runnnnnnnnnnnnnn free.

Gabriella True said...

Thanks Angel and Tabby