Tuesday, June 06, 2006

MOTHERHOOD: Organic Baby Food

I gave my boys only organic baby food. I still try to prepare as much food as I can that is organic or local. Sometimes I have a hard time choosing between local versus organic but that really is a whole other discussion.

I had hundreds of bottles designed for expressed breast milk left over so I washed them all out and made tons and tons of baby food and froze it. I had bottles filled with pureed beans, vegetables and fruits. Having it all stored away in the freeze made it easy because then I could really vary what I was going to give the boys that day. I think if I had not frozen all that prepared food they would have had days in a row of whatever vegetable and grain or legume I had prepared in a batch because I really had no energy or time to make individual meals before I fed them. I think I would have always had something boiling, baking or steaming. But instead I had it all frozen ahead, I could have every burner going and the oven going and once they were cooked I would set up an assembly line to puree and fill the bottles. It also helped that I had twins to take care of because I had a lot of mouths to feed so freezing all that food did not seem crazy.

But, of course I often ran out to Wild Oats and grabbed bottles of Earth's Best which is great stuff and the boys loved every jar I ever gave them. They also have the best rice cereal on the market in my opinion.

However I wish I had known about Bohemian Baby. This is bottled baby food but it is FRESH! And yes, they have stages just like traditional store brand baby food. You can have it shipped to you or if you live near me in either LA or Orange Counties, you can have it delivered. Why is Bohemian Baby better? Well, why is fresh better really?

Well, even organic jarred baby food is designed to have a long shelf life. So although, this may be done in a natural way, they are still heat treated and thus some of the vitamins are lost. They also don't put fillers in their food so the baby gets more vegetables or fruit. If you look on the back of the labels of store brand baby food you will see things like flour, tapioca and cornstarch. Also, their food choices are basically all seasonal and they help support local farmers.

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